The Dental Care Center

Preventive dentistry

We offer the best equipment to take care and maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

Operative dentistry

Using a wide variety of esthetic composite filling materials to construct a natural tooth look using minimally invasive techniques.


We offer the latest rotary apex locator for a quick, precise and accurate root canal filling.

Crown and bridge

A wide variety of fixed restorations using both porcelain fused to metal and metal free restoration with cooperation with one of the best dental laboratories in Cairo.


We have a wide variety of implant system to fit your budget including the latest implant motor for quick& painless procedures.

Removable prosthesis

We offer both partial and complete dentures using both acrylic and thermopress systems.

Tooth Jewelery

We can help you have a unique smile using an attractive shiny twinkle or a real diamond.

Pediatric dentistry

We offer a wide range of treatments for pediatric patients ranging from filling to preventive and interceptive procedures in a safe and friendly environment.


We offer metal and ceramic braces as well as invisible aligners. This is beside the wide range of interceptive special treatment plans that help correct growth defects as early as possible.


We have different bleaching system’s that includes home and office bleaching each is selected to suit your case and to reach your expectations.

Veneers and smiles make over

You can have the smile you always dreamt of using the latest techniques and mockups that will ensure that your new smile design will fit your expectations.

We're a Professional Dental Center in Hurghada

The best dental care using the latest equipment and material available.

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